The ‘Regional Approach to Mentorship’ working group made up from representatives of the Wessex and Thames Valley regions has been responsible for developing the Toolkit.

The quality of mentorship was identified as a concern as having an impact on shortfalls within the local adult nursing workforce.

The need to strengthen the quality of mentorship and the learner experience in order to maximise retention within the local workforce was identified and a regional approach to mentorship working group was created.

With funding secured by Rosemary Chable (Associate Director of Nursing, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust) from the Department of Health, the working group has been able to develop their ideas into a working tool for use in clinical practice.

Working Party Members:

  • Emma Böckle   |   Mentorship Project Lead   |   Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton
  • Edmund Cartwright   |   Deputy Chief Nurse   |   Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Carol Dodimead   |   Staff Tutor Nursing   |   The Open University
  • Stephanie Meakin   |   Director of Professional Programmes   |   Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton
  • Kathryn Smith   |   Clinical Workforce Development Manager   |   Solent NHS Trust
  • Alison Trenerry   |   Education Quality and Learning Environment Lead   |   University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Amanda Watson   |   Head of Practice Education   |   School of Health & Social Care, Bournemouth University
  • Ian Winkworth   |   Learning Environment Lead   |   Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you to the following  for the use of their resources within this website:

  • Danny Walsh   |   The Nurse Mentor’s Handbook: Supporting Students in Clinical Practice © 2010. Reproduced with the kind permission of Open University Press. All rights reserved.
  • Meakin S. C. (2014)   |   Exploring the potential of the pre-registration programme for developing student nurses as future clinical leaders within contemporary healthcare. University of Southampton, Southampton Education School. Doctoral Thesis.
  • NHS England
  • Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and University of West London
  • Thames Valley & Wessex Leadership Awards

Thank you to all our NHS and University colleagues who have contributed to developing this toolkit.

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