The benefits of the mentor role

The benefits of being a mentor are many, not just to the individual and the student but the patient and the wider health care service.

Historically becoming a mentor was seen as promotional step, however
mentorship is far more than undertaking a mentorship course for personal gains.

The impact your mentor role can have on developing the workforce of the
future and maintaining the highest standards of care for our patients with
an underpinning evidence base cannot be underestimated.


Quality Patient Care




Gatekeeping the profession and a conduit to implementing evidence based practice

A valuable role that increases competence and confidence of
all concerned

Commitment to the patient experience, getting the fundamentals of care and safety right every time

The development of a future workforce who are fit for purpose
and practice

The workforce will have the skills, values and behaviours and support to provide safe, high quality care wherever and whenever the patient is, at all times and in all settings (Framework 15)

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